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Bude Cornwall

Wet Sand and Reflections - Bude Cornwall photos
Wet Sand and Reflections
Low Tide - Bude Cornwall photos
Low Tide
Down to the Beach - Bude Cornwall photos
Down to the Beach
Picnic Benches - Bude Cornwall photos
Picnic Benches
Looking Down on the Beaches - Bude Cornwall photos
Looking Down on the Beaches
White Horses - Bude Cornwall photos
White Horses
Bude Best Beach - Bude Cornwall photos
Bude Best Beach
Panoramic Bude - Bude Cornwall photos
Panoramic Bude
Overlooking Bude Beaches - Bude Cornwall photos
Overlooking Bude Beaches
Small Boats and the Beach - Bude Cornwall photos
Small Boats and the Beach
Plenty of Room on the Beach - Bude Cornwall photos
Plenty of Room on the Beach
Bude Breakwater - Bude Cornwall photos
Bude Breakwater
Bude Beach - Bude Cornwall photos
Bude Beach
Looking Across the Beach - Bude Cornwall photos
Looking Across the Beach
Wild Swimming - Bude Cornwall photos
Wild Swimming
Opposite Bank - Bude Cornwall photos
Opposite Bank
Boats for Hire - Bude Cornwall photos
Boats for Hire
Ship Link Sculpture - Bude Cornwall photos
Ship Link Sculpture
Beside the Canal - Bude Cornwall photos
Beside the Canal
Wooden Bridge - Bude Cornwall photos
Wooden Bridge

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About Bude Cornwall.

A popular tourist destination Bude is located on the Atlantic Heritage Coast of Cornwall, which as been designated an area of outstanding natural beauty. Popular with surfers and sun seekers alike Bude has two main beaches these are:

Summerleaze Beach:

Being the nearest beach to the town centre, Summerleaze beach can get busy during the summer months with both surfers and families. The beach is surrounded by dunes on one side and the Bude canal on the other. The beach has a wide expanse of good fine sand especially at low tide. There is parking available in the nearby Summerleaze car park.

Crooklets Beach:
At low tide the beach stretches from Summerleaze beach to Northcott mouth and is very popular with beginners and intermediate surfers alike. Way back in 1953 the beach was home to Britain's first life saving club and as such is sometimes referred to as the 'Bondi of Britain'.

Bude is also the terminus of ‘The Bude Canal’ which was built in the early 1820s to carry calcium rich sea sand used by farmers as fertiliser for the poor soil to be found further inland as well as other goods.

The town centre also offers a range of different shops to cater for all different tastes. Most of the shops are locally owned. Bude makes a great base to explore the dramatic scenery of the South West Coastal Path.

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