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About Cornwall England.

Cornwall is located in the far south west of main land Britain. Cornwall's history dates back thousand of years with the traditional industries of fishing and mining being the main stay of employment. Cornwall is a fantastic place to visit at any time of year offering stunning scenery, industrial heritage, quaint fishing villages and fantastic beaches.

Mining for the traditional minerals has now finished following the closure of the last working tin mine in Cornwall South Crofty in 1998. Fishing is also in decline with dwindling fish stocks and constant pressure from government and the EU forcing many fishermen to find alternative employment.

Tourism is now the main employer in the County with people coming from all over the world to see the scenery, visit the towns and villages and to eat Cornish Pasties.

The are a number of famous historic Cornish People these include Richard Trevithick inventor of the steam locomotive, Sir Humphrey Davy inventor of the miners safety lamp, Sir Goldsworthy Gurney inventor of Limelight, William Bickford who invented the safety fuse in Tuckingmill and Bob Fitzsimmons three times world bare knuckle boxing champion to name but a few.

There are a number of sports which the Cornish participate in all year round. There are the usual football and cricket but also gig rowing which is a traditional activity with lots of seaside towns and villages having their own boat. Rugby is the main sport which Cornish people support. There are lots of teams within the county, many of whom play at national level and there is also the Cornwall county team.

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